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Trusted, Caring and Affordable Dentistry for the ENTIRE Family

Nitrous Oxide



What is Nitrous Oxide?


Nitrous Oxide (also known as laughing gas) is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a mask that fits over the nose.  It is used to help you relax during dental procedures.  Nitrous Oxide is not intended to put you to sleep.  The effects of Nitrous Oxide are quickly reversed.

The Tooth Place

welcomes kids of all ages!

Dental visits can be a scary thing especially for kids. On top of that, kids' needs are unique when it comes to communication and dental treatment. We understand this! We offer family dentistry with a whole lot of patience and comfort.

We know that children require proper care and attention when visiting the dentist.

At The Tooth Place, we always go the extra mile to ensure that your children are comfortable

  • We welcome parents to accompany their children for all dental procedures

  • We do not tie down children for any dental procedures

  • We will make every effort to accommodate your busy schedule with our convenient, extended hours

  • We can start braces, in some cases, even when baby teeth are still present to prevent more severe problems later on

  • We can be your child’s dental home beginning at 6 months and continue to provide dental care at all stages of your child’s life

We believe that your family’s dental health is important, and we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to pay for it. At The Tooth Place, we help by working with several dental insurance companies and accepting multiple forms of payment. If you have any questions reach out to us about financing options… Our team is always happy to answer your inquiry. We accept cash, credit cards and MOST INSURANCES!

We Accept A Variety Of Insurance Plans!
In-Network with Many Employers!
Don't have Dental Insurance?

At The Tooth Place, we work with several financing options for you and your family.

Our FAMILY Services

At The Tooth Place we specialize in the following services for your convenience:

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Exams &



      Dental        Sealants



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Nitrous Oxide

(Laughing Gas)

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         Athletic           Mouth Guards


Evening &

Saturday Appts.

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Picture Gallery

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